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At our chartered fishing company we offer two types of chartered fishing experiences.

Chartered Fishing Courses

With our courses, you can work on improving your skill at sea fishing, all in the picturesque scenery of the French Mediterranean sea and coastline. Our experienced teachers and guides take you to the best locations to so you can learn how to refine your techniques, and give you the tips and knowledge you need to become an expert sea fisherman.

We offer lessons for all experience levels, from beginner to advanced fishing levels. The courses range from one to four days depending on your level, with each course teaching you various skills, techniques, and knowledge on how you can catch certain types of fish in each kind of sea fishing location. At the French Mediterranean, we'll teach you how to catch species such as snapper, sea bass, bonitos, and more.

Our instructors each have over 20 years of experience to draw upon when they bestow their knowledge upon you. Some techniques they have even developed themselves that have been widely adopted by sea fishermen around the world.

While out on the sea for your lesson, we will first assess the best way to improve your current level of skill, depending on your level of experience and what we perceive as your strengths and weaknesses. We will cover choice of equipment, bait, materials, knowledge, and so on. All necessary fishing equipment can be provided. We will provide our recommendations for products and equipment if asked, but we encourage you to find what works best for you in the end.

Big Game Sea Fishing Trips

We also offer big game fishing out in the Mediterranean for a full 8-10 hour day trip.

Our expert guides will accompany you either on your own craft or on one of ours to provide directions, instructions and assistance to create a memorable experience. During your trip you will have the opportunity to reel in large game fish such as tuna, swordfish, or even dolphin fish.

Trips taken on our boats can include up to 12 people, the perfect size for your friends, family or coworkers to have fun and still retain a level of intimacy.

For equipment, we can provide the necessary gear and materials for catching and transporting all big game fish in the region, as well as safety equipment. Drinks and snacks can also be provided for an additional fee, but we allow you to bring your own if you wish. To that end, our boats have fully equipped kitchen to store, prepare and eat your food, as well as a TV with DVD player so you can relax in comfort during the downtime.

Our Big Game Fishing Day Trip also doubles as a whale watching tour. In the region of the French Mediterranean there are frequent sightings of sperm and killer whales.


If you would like to book one of our chartered fishing experiences, or would like additional details, please reach out to us.